Unable to log into Roon core

The IP number is:

That’s a pity.
ROCK uses TCP Port 80.
The webpage is failing because it is timing out on an operation during init.
Firewall settings can prevent a connection, like Rugby said.
But a faulty SSD can also be the cause, which is what I suspect.

I still suspect a network/firewall/something issue. The ROCK is booting and announces an IP (in the Roon app screenshots) but the browser can’t connect to the web page (port 80). Who knows what else is getting blocked that prevents full connection by the app.

Dunno but this seems like a strange and unlikely way of SSD failure.

Hi Vegard_Egner, I just recalled, there seem to be problems with the Nuc 10 series from time to time.

Perhaps you can check the connections and cables as suggested.

Thanks for all the input to resolve the error I’ve been getting on my Roon system. I’ve tried all the advice, but I still can’t get the Roon servers to work.

Hi @Vegard_Egner,

Thank you for your patience while the technical support team worked through our queue to reach your inquiry and our thanks to the helpful Community members and moderators who have assisted you so far.

Diagnostics indicate you’ve spun up a new Core on a Windows 10 device. Is it your intent to abandon troubleshooting on the ROCK and migrate your Core to this Windows machine, or is this a temporary step to restore playback? In either case, we’re happy to assist you.

To summarize so far: you reinstalled RoonOS on this ROCK, but there’s a ongoing unknown blockage on the port assignment preventing Remote connection.

If you’ve added the correct Firewall exceptions to Windows and the error persists, then we’ll most likely need to further illuminate the issue by requesting a set of logs from the ROCK or the Windows Core (whichever you prefer; both should give an indication of whether the issue is network-related).

We attempted to pull automated reports from your Windows Core, but it appears to be offline. At your convenience, would you be able to use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

If we fail to see evidence of network issues in logging, then the next step will be to spin up your ROCK Core again, so we can inspect that unit’s diagnostic logging for evidence of a failing SSD.

We’ll be watching for your response, and thank you again for your patience.

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