Unable to log into Tidal on PC or Android phone as at 19-May-2022 1.8 build 943

As of today (19-5-22) both my Android phone and Windows 11 PC report that Roon can not log in Tidal. I can log into Tidal directly either via the Android app and a Web browser on the Windows machine so it does not seem to be an account problem. I can log into Qobuz as per normal from Roon.

I am running Roon Core and Windows client 1.8 build 943

The message is ‘Tidal login failed’

I am having the exact same issue. Cannot login to tidal on my iPhone or Mac desktop. Build 943 also.

This message also comes over Linux. With a little wait, the message disappears. Sometimes repeating the login helps. Qobuz is not affected.

Hey @Ian_Carson,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. My apologies for the delayed response and for your wait. We’ve made some recent changes to the support team structure and some reports have experienced a longer response time than usual.

Since some time has passed I wanted to touch base to get your current status. If you’re still experiencing this problem on the newest Roon build (970) and need assistance please let us know.

We’ll be watching for your reply and get back in touch as quickly as we can. Thanks! :+1:

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