Unable to log into TIDAL

I have not been able to sign in to Tidal either. When I have been able to nearly all of my saved tracks are unplayable and it just wont play due to too many errors. Tidal has always been gltichy but it is nearly impossible now. Has anyone been having this hard of a time with TIDAL?

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Hi @Robert_Allen,

I have a few preliminary troubleshooting questions:

  • What kind of Core and network are you using in this setup?
  • Is your Core connected via Ethernet or WiFi?
  • Does a reboot of the Core and networking gear help?
  • Does the same behavior occur across multiple zones (even “System Output”)?

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Hi Noris,

Thanks for the reply - answers to your questions below.

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Hi @Robert_Allen,

It looks like this thread was accidentally closed, so I have re-opened it for you.

Can you please try enabling the HDMI zone in Roon Settings -> Audio and let me know if this zone displays similar errors? You wouldn’t need to have anything actually connected to the HDMI zone, but it would just be a data point to know if the error messages appear or not.

Tidal Plays on the HDMI zone. Right now it is working throughout the system. With tht said I am sure it will happen again soon enough.

Hi @Robert_Allen,

Thanks for confirming that the HDMI output is working as expected.

I would let the HDMI zone play in the background and then try using your dCS zone as usual. If both the HDMI zone and the dCS zone display error around the same time, this would indicate that it is a networking or Core issue.

If just the dCS zone displays the error and the HDMI zone continues to play as expected, it would likely be an endpoint issue and we can focus our troubleshooting on the endpoint itself. When this behavior next occurs, please also note the exact local time + date in your country of the occurrence and let me know this info (e.g. 10:52PM on 9/3/19).


Got it. Thanks Norris. I am sure it will happen soon. :frowning_face:

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