Unable to login on Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

Mac Pro with Ventura 13.2 OS.

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Description of Issue

I am unable to login to my Roon core. It is indicating that I am try to authorize another core and I am only authorized for 1 core.

I am using the same computer.

It seems like the core thinks it’s a different computer.

Help would be appreciated.

Just click on the “Unauthorize” button that you should see on the opening screen. That should clear this glitch.

Will I loose all of my settings?

No /10chars.

I just did it and everything is gone. I thinks its a new setup.

Have you a backup?

I’ve made backups in the past. Where would I find them?

Settings > Backup . Find Backups

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Hey @humdee,

Following up on this thread, was @Geoff_Coupe’s suggestion helpful? He is steering you in the right direction for getting things back up and running on your new core device. :+1:

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