Unable to Login to Roon on Windows Computer (ref#DQTIRS)

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windows操作系统的电脑无法登录自己的账户,苹果系统的ipad Pro则可以登录进自己的账户,但我的roon核是安装在windows系统的电脑上的,所以自8月16日开始不能登录,一直就无法使用roon(身边的音乐爱好者不少人也遇到我这种情况)试着卸载了roon重新安装,仍旧不能登录!登录界面的“忘记密码”可以跳转到重设密码并顺利完成重设密码的流程,但回到登录界面,依旧无法登录,就只看见转圈不见任何提示。甚至换台电脑登录,还是没法登录!

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From - Wen Yi
Description of Issue.

The computer of the Windows operating system cannot log in to its own account, and the iPad Pro of the Apple system can log in to its own account, but my roon core is installed on the computer of the Windows system, so I can’t log in since August 16, and I can’t use roon (man many music lovers around me also encountered my situation) tried to uninstall the roon and reinstall it, but still couldn’t log in! The “forgot password” on the login interface can jump to reset the password and successfully complete the process of resetting the password, but when you return to the login interface, you still can’t log in, and you can only see any prompts when you turn around. Even if you change your computer to log in, you still can’t log in!

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I only know how to use simple software on the computer, and I don’t quite understand the things of the computer itself. In a word, this computer was used well by roon before August 16th. On the 16th, when I opened the roon, it prompted me to log in. Since then, it has been unuseable. The 16th has become the dividing line between roon’s useable and unuseable! I confirm that the computer settings have not been changed!

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I don’t understand these things. I can say that the location of the roon has not been moved, that is, the network equipment has not been changed in my own home, the connection method has not changed, and nothing has changed. The only change is that the roon can’t be used when I get up on the morning of the 16th.

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Could you tell us where you are located?
Also, is your Internet service provider restricting access to some websites or applications?

Hello @111235 .

Thank you for reaching out. I am looking over your account details and I saw that you are located in China, and it is possible that your connection to Roon is being blocked by your ISP. Do you have a VPN you can try to use to log in? Are you able to change your DNS to Google ( or Cloudflare ( and see if you can log in afterward?

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你好 @111235

感谢您伸出援手。 我正在查看您的帐户详细信息,发现您位于中国,并且您与 Roon 的连接可能被您的 ISP 阻止。 您有可以尝试使用的 VPN 来登录吗? 您是否可以将 DNS 更改为 Google ( (,然后查看是否可以登录?

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