Unable to login to Roon [Service outage - Roon team working to resolve]

I’m suddenly unable to login to my Roon account. I’m also logged out of Core and can’t log back in.

[2 screenshots removed by moderator. Included email address]

No issues with my Internet connection. I just ran a Sppedtest from the actual Intel NUC that’s running Core:

Is anyone else having problems? Cc: @support

Yeah me too, it is just not me, thank god

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Thanks for confirming. Busy weekend for the Roon folks, I’d imagine.

We had an outage and our team is bringing things back online now. Everything should be back to normal very shortly. Sorry for the disruption!


well I don’t think this is related to the update they are doing, website down, forum down and platform down, I mean if you are doing a major update the platform makes sense but the community? the web? unless they planned to update everything at once which is kind of crazy, this was an outage

I posted on Audiophile Style too same issues, I can’t logon to my Roon from the server, I can’t logon to my Roon account online from any browser, and the community just became available, it was giving a Gateway error, they had an outage for sure and the worst thing it was global on all their platforms.

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I think their servers went down for some time. I wish it didn’t depend so much on the server side, tbh, but there might be architectural issues with having a local db, remote updates, or whatever.

No worries thank you

I think this is part of something bigger, could be, this evening started with my HQPe server suddenly changing fingerprint and now I’m not licensed, then Roon’s outage and I was thinking they were blacklisting me, I work on IT, I have a Teamviewer paid account with 500 servers, I can’t connect to any of the servers, Teamviewer seems to have an issue too
This could be related to a cloud outage, maybe not … let me check AWS and Azure’s health

Interesting. If so, I’m sure I’ll hear about it Monday morning, if not later this weekend.

AWS and Azure report no issues. … weird

yeah Roon’s back, or so it seems, at least I can login, could have been an MFA / identity outage, maybe same provider that TV? who knows

I’m fully back. Thanks for the speedy resolution!

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