Unable to Open Roon Server on Windows 10 (ref#XR9729)

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Can’t open Roon server ( or Roon core) on win10

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Hi @Lou_Oddo,

I see your windows 10 was online recently, are you still having issues?

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Yes still having problem with PC but not my iphone or ipad. ARC is also problem connecting. Can you help? Thanks, Lou

Hi @Lou_Oddo,

Can you describe your issue in more detail? I see from your account that you also have a NAS running Roon Server. Since you only have 1 Roon license, you’ll only be able to use one Roon Server.

Are you attempting to use your PC as a Roon client, with Roon Server living on your Nas?

Are you able to open and run Roon at all on your PC? Any additional details would be helpful here. Thank you! :pray:

Yes have roon on NAS. What app for PC should I have to access roon server on NAS? As previously stated, I can run Roon from Iphone and ipad not on PC. Have original “ROON” on PC and Roon server om PC. BTW I finally got Arc to run. Apparently problem with port.

Upgrade your PC to the latest version of Roon. It will update both your Roon server on the PC and your Roon GUI on the PC. If you don’t plan to use the Roon server on the PC, just shut it down and don’t tell it to automatically launch at startup.

Read this.

can’t open roon or roon server and download will not proceed until I close roon which I can’t open

I did get ARC to work and was able to uninstall roon & roon server from PC. then installed latest version. and that won’t open. Apparently does not work. SO, I just uninstalled roon completely from PC. Will have to consider cancelling if it it doesn’t run on my PC. Your thoughts?

HI @Lou_Oddo,

Unfortunately we still need more details around your issue with not being able to open Roon on your PC. What happens specifically when you attempt to click and open Roon via the app icon? Do you receive any sort of error message?

Can you confirm that Roon Server is not running on the PC when you attempt to open the Roon client app?

If you test out temporarily disabling the windows firewall, are you able to open Roon?

Could you please reproduce the issue and share the specific date, time and name of when the issue occurs?

Please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs from the PC to our File Uploader.


Never had a problem running roon on pc before. When i click on either roon or roon server apps spinning circle. no error msg. I was able to uninstall both apps by ending task and reinstalled roon server. still spinning circle. I have uninstalled both apps again. Not sure what Roon client app is but neither app would open. Happens anytime of day. not using win firewall but have mcafee. Don’t know how to disable that firewall but as previously stated- ROON was working. Sorry I can’t give you more details, I’m not as computer savvy as you expect me to be. If you can’t help me use roon I understand

Hi @Lou_Oddo,

This could very well be the source of your issue. Below are a few things to test out for a solution:

Please follow the steps in Adding Application Exception to McAfee Firewall to add Roon as an exception to the firewall.

Additionally, you can try changing the router’s listing to a Home network in McAfee: Mcafee Firewall settings for Roon 1.7 - #7 by Anthony_Lombardo

A third solution is to change the security level of Roon and RAATServer: SB3 won't connect to Roon Sever with McAFee turned on - #9 by Jeff_Barham

firewall setting block nothing as far as I can tell. I do want you to understand, I never had a problem running roon before. Why now? I really am not qualified to figure out. I can only say, the “new” ROON version is just too complicated for me to open and use

but thanks for your help I do appreciate you taking the time to help. I would rather use this time to listen to music and I’ll just let my subscription run out…

Hi @Lou_Oddo,

There have been limited reports of firewall blockages with the latest Roon update, likely due to the split of applications, Roon client and Roon Server are now functioning separately.

If you end up giving it a try, let me know - I’ll be here to help :+1: