Unable to play any audio on Windows 11

Back in March, I struggled to get Roon to work on my local PC with 5.1 DSD files. I eventually solved it by downloading FlexASIO, which sits in front of my other windows audio drivers.

Recently this has stopped working and the FlexASIO driver won’t initialize in Roon. I am unable to play ANY audio at all locally, stereo or dsd. Note that all other audio on my local machine is fine, surround modes are fine, any other streamer / windows media / itunes, etc will play with no issues.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice which update caused this to stop working.

When I check the log, I see that the driver failed to initialize.

12/16 09:57:36 Trace: [RAAT::FlexASIO] [output/asio] checking asio driver name FlexASIO clsid {462F2ABF-5278-436A-95B6-72CBF65482AE}
12/16 09:57:36 Trace: [RAAT::FlexASIO] [output/asio] ==> matched
12/16 09:57:36 Trace: [RAAT::FlexASIO] [output/asio] opening driver
12/16 09:57:36 Trace: [RAAT::FlexASIO] [output/asio] initializing driver
12/16 09:57:36 Error: [raat_wrap] RAAT__OUTPUT_PLUGIN_STATUS_DEVICE_OPEN_FAILED failed: failed to initialize asio output

I also use this ASIO driver locally connected to a DAC over USB and it also works with no issue.

12/16 10:06:26 Trace: [inetdiscovery] added service com.roonlabs.raatserver.tcp for device raatserver/8c901763-d0d7-4380-bd84-484f5cd27d89
12/16 10:06:26 Trace: [RAAT::FlexASIO] [output/asio] checking asio driver name Combo384 ASIO 1.03 clsid {188135E1-D565-11D2-854F-00A0C99F5D21}

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is resolved. The developer of FlexASIO was able to identify a naming issue in my config file, apparently Nvidia changed how they name HD audio drivers and it was manually set locally in FlexASIO.

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