Unable to play files on my DAC with Roon

recently i tried Roon on my setup but i was unable to make it play my files.

My setup is the following:

  • what version of Roon you are running (Settings > About) : 1.2
  • What operating system you are running : Fedora 22 Realtime Kernel
  • Basic information about the device you’re using : Mac Mini Mid 2010 with 4GB RAM
  • Describe where your music is stored : local hard drive

I’m having an issue when trying to play file through my DAC. In Roon Remote, when i try to enable the direct DAC output, the status is “Enabling” and stay like that forever. It never ends in “Enabled” state.

Describe Your Output

What output are you using? Direct DAC output : ALSA : x20 [xCORE USB Audio 2.0]
What brand and model are you using : DAC Gustard X20u, USB input

My trial period just ends so i cannot post pictures right now.

I’m used to play my music with squeezelite on this same setup and it’s working well.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Chris_PIL – I’d like to have a look at your logs. I’m going to follow up via PM.