Unable to Play this Station

I have the same problem from yesterday. I get this message: “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unvaliable”. this message appears on both live radio and my live radio. only the MQA Live - Test radio station works for me so quickly.

my system:
core: qnap td-251d - roon core1.8 (884)
roon bridge: rpi 4, raspberry OS + roon bridge 880

This sounds different; perhaps a QNAP/ aac codec issue (a number of threads on the forum)? Has there been a recent OS update?

Can you try the following radio stations?

95bfm (flac)
CJSW (aac)
WRFG (mp3)

it turned out that I removed the “multimedia console” application. it was enough to re-upload it and everything returned to normal.

Ok. Perhaps you need the multimedia console to compensate for the restricted ffmpeg in standard QNAP?

Either way, pleased you’re sorted.

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