Unable to play tracks from Tidal

I have been using Roon for about 1 week and initially had no issues accessing Tidal. About 2 days ago I noticed that Tidal would not play tracks. I examined the Services screen and saw a spinning circle next to the Edit button. In the Edit screen I saw that I was logged into Tidal.

I logged out of Tidal, changed my password and logged back in again. Once again in the Edit screen it says that I am logged into Tidal. The spinning circle next to the Edit button has disappeared.

However, when I select a track and hit Play, I now see two concentric circles over the album cover at the bottom of the Roon App on my Windows system.

My iPad app also claims that I am logged into Tidal (although I did not log out and change the password). This app simple refuses to respond to the play button after I select a track on Tidal. Before I changed my password, the behavior was the same as the initial behavior on my Windows system.

Have you re booted the Roon Core?

I will do that eventually. My core is running on a system attached to a projector so I will try it the next time I power up the system. That will likely be this evening.

Hi @John_Lloyd,

I would also suggest a full reboot of your Core and networking gear. Can you confirm if you’re able to use the TIDAL web player (listen.tidal.com) properly with the same TIDAL account you’re signed into Roon with?

Sounds similar or related to Trouble logging in to TIDAL with new method

I rebooted the core and the problem was resolved.


Curious to know if it comes back. Mine stops every now and again.

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