Unable to purchase through the website

After a successful week of trials I am ready to purchase a lifetime license. However, the website doesn’t want to take my money :smile:

It says that the coupon code I entered was not found - though I had not given one. It does not allow you to go anywhere from there.

Safari 8.0.5 on OS X 10.10.3

EDIT - If I leave the trial to run its course will I be charged at the introductory rate or the full rate?

We had a hiccup in our signup flow in connection with the coupons we distributed at the High End show in Munich this past week. Sorry about that!

The fix should’ve been pushed out a few hours ago, so please try again, and let us know if you’re still having trouble.

Trials that run their course are charged at the full rate FYI.

ok i screwed up… :frowning:

The website is working now, but if you want to convert your trial to a paying subscription, you should let us do it so you dont get charged twice. I’ll PM you.