Unable to remove tag from an artist

OK Eric thanks. I’ll try to be deliberate enough to notice when there is the potential for this to occur and watch each step and the time I’m doing it.

Here is another instance and what I think I did to get here. Albert Griffiths and the Gladiators:

Click on either and get to the same artist screen with the same albums, links, bio etc.

IIRC, one entry was Albert Griffiths & the Gladiators and one was The Gladiators. I had them both Tagged already. Then I merged the artists. I think.

Now I get the same behavior as the other duplicates. UnTag one, the other becomes unTagged too but stays visible on the Tag page. ReTag it, still appears as one until you navigate away from the page and back to it, then it is back to duplicates.

I don’t think it is even necessary for me to actively merge the artists for this to happen. I think it happened once when Roon recognized and merged an artist on its own as I was adding Tidal albums as first in the library under that artist.

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Thanks for the feedback @James_I! I wanted to reach out to let you know that I have received the mentioned diagnostics report.

@Nat_Kurosaki it looks like yours has not arrived yet but I will keep a close eye on our servers and will confirm when it’s come in. A friendly reminder that the report will not be delivered until the application is active on your core machine.


I just got word the other day from @Nat_Kurosaki, that this behavior is still being experienced. @James_I are still noticing the same?

This report is still on my radar but if it is still happening on 1.5 I would like to grab an updated set of diagnostics from you James, thanks!


Hi Eric - yes, on quick review and trying to remove the tag, I’m still getting the same behavior.

As mentioned, my theory is that this has something to do with there being two separate artist objects representing the same artist. For example, on a various artists compilation, “Smashing Pumpkins” would be represented, and then I’d have albums by “The Smashing Pumpkins.” When I put them both under the same tag, and then Roon “realizes” (I don’t know or recall the exact process) that these are the same artist, the bio, albums, etc., become identical, but there are still two, and one cannot be removed from the Tag.

I think the problem seems to be with the actual tag itself. I don’t know why or how it even happened, but artists added to the tag seems to be borked. Like 5 artists will show up twice. And if you delete one, the other one cannot be deleted from the tag.

I pressed ctrl + a and moved all artists in it to another tag and it seems to be working now. They don’t show up twice, and can also be deleted.

@James_I You should try this :slight_smile:

Edit: Wanted to add that the issue about these 5 artists (at least for me) is still there, and their tags cannot be removed.

I’ve considered just replacing the Tag - clearly that would take maybe 60 seconds. But then I couldn’t help troubleshoot the issue…

If you ctrl + a all artists and move them to another tag, the bugged (duplicates ones) will not move. They will just stay there in place with their old tags.


What I did was this: I clicked on the button here and deleted the tag as a whole. This actually worked, it was the only way for me to remove the tag from those artists. I then proceeded to add those artists to the new tag, and no duplicates are showing and everything is working fine. Maybe that they already fixed the behavior, but somehow the bugged ones were stuck on old tags.

@Nat_Kurosaki and @James_I ---- Letting you both know that I have reached out to your separately via PM.


Hi Eric - busy week…will do this when I can, likely over the weekend. Thanks!