Unable to remove tag from an artist

If I right click on the tag and click “Remove tag”, nothing happens. If I go into the tag manager and right click on the tagged artist, and click “remove tag”, nothing happens either. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

You’re probably not doing anything wrong. Roon invents Tags which it doesn’t allow you to delete.

It drives me crazy and has ruined the Tag feature for me. I rely on Tagging to organise my music how I need it.

I really hope they go back to the original Tag design, it was much better…

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I have also had this problem with a few artists. They appear twice in my tags. They are identical and if I remove the tag from both, it goes down to appearing once. So I can never remove the artist from the tag and have to live with those artsts being duplicates within the tags.

Note The Mars Volta and The Smashing Pumpkins. Both look identical when you click on either.

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We were talking about Tags not Genres.

@Geoff_Coupe can you split this Genres question off please?

Not in my power to do this - @Carl - can you oblige? Thanks.

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I’ve moved the genre discussion to a thread of its own, so we can focus on tags here.

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Hi @Nat_Kurosaki ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, appreciated!

Moving forward, our tech team will be taking a closer look into this behavior you (and others) are currently experiencing and I will be sure to keep this thread up to date on the team’s progress. In the mean time, could you please provide us with a screenshot highlighting the problem in Roon.


Same happens with several other artists with this tag, trying to remove the tag, does nothing. But for some artists removing the tag does work.

Thank you for the follow up @Nat_Kurosaki, the example is very appreciated!

As mentioned our tech team is going to look into this behavior to see what we can come up with. Once i have some feedback on their progress I will be sure to update this thread accordingly.


Hi Eric-

I just wanted to make sure that you saw I edited my post above to provide an example of dual artists appearing within a tag and the description that the tag cannot be removed from one entry:

I think it is the same issue.

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Thanks @James_I, i did indeed.


Would like to add that the exact same happened to me as James_I is describing. I noticed that artists that I tagged appeared twice for some reason, and thought I’d clean it up and just delete the duplicates, but once I deleted one, the other one cannot be deleted anymore.

Hi @Nat_Kurosaki and @James_I ----- I have a very quick question. Our tech team tested this behavior but noticed that the tag they had tried to remove did in fact work but there was about a 30s delay on the action. Just to confirm, that is not the case here, correct? In other words when you try to remove the given tag it remains and doesn’t disappear after “x amount” of time.


Hi Eric-

My answer can only be given in the context of the Artist repeating and being represented twice underneath a given Tag, as I have never tried to remove a Tag from an artist that doesn’t repeat. See my screen shot above that shows The Mars Volta and The Smashing Pumpkins being represented twice although I only tagged them each as one object, obviously.

I just tried what you asked: I removed a Tag from one of the two Mars Volta Artist objects. The one I removed it from disappeared. The other Mars Volta object stayed visible under that Tag. Then I tried to remove the tag from the second Mars Volta object. The Tag shows as removed - it does not show up on the list of Tags for that artist now (on the artist page), but it still shows up as visible under the applicable Tag. So while the Artist page no longer shows my Tag as having been applied to Mars Volta, Mars Volta still shows up when I went to the page for that Tag.

When I add the Tag back to the artist, it goes back to showing a duplicate artist object under that Tag. It does not show up right away. It will show as a single artist until I use the hamburger menu to go back to the Tags page and then click on that Tag again. Then I see the same artists twice, as before.

So while I can remove the Tag from the artist and the Tag will disappear from the Artist page, I cannot get the artist to disappear from the Tag page. Very weird.

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I think this issue is not really a Tag problem per se. I think there are some “ghost” artist entries lurking somewhere in the database, and that is the root of the problem. When Roon metadata on an artist is different from the same entry within Tidal and then Roon “merges” the two artists but not completely.

I’ve seen it happen twice in the last day. I’d be looking at an artist from a file within my collection and thinking that there must be more releases by that artist and why are they not showing up in Roon. So I would search by that artist name and then go to Tidal artists. Under Tidal artists, there would be more albums by that artist. Add a few of those albums to my collection, and then Roon tries to merge those two artists together but for some reason it is not entirely successful. Now that artist shows up twice if one of them was tagged before this operation.

At least I think it was something like this. I didn’t notice the duplication until after. Hard to reproduce because you have to find an artist with a Roon entry that doesn’t initially line up with the same artist in Tidal. It may also have been that both different artists were tagged and then I merged them. At least I think that happened once.

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Not the case, it just doesn’t get removed at all.

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@James_I and @Nat_Kurosaki ----- Thank you both for getting back to me and providing the requested insight!

Continuing forward, as per the request of our tech team, I am going to be enabling diagnostics on both of your accounts so we can see if anything is jumping out at us in the Roon log traces. What this action will do is the next time the application is active on your core machine a diagnostics report containing a set of Roon logs will automatically generated/uploaded directly to our servers. I will confirm when the reports reach our servers so you know we have them.

@Nat_Kurosaki, can you verify for me that you are seeing the exact same behavior mentioned in James’s most recent posts? I want to make sure you are getting the support you need and that we are addressing a single issue and potentially not two different ones. Many thanks!


Thanks Eric. Is there anything I can do as a user to trigger specifically useful diagnostics?

As mentioned, I am getting the sense this has to do with there being multiple entries for a single artists, perhaps some conflict between Roon metadata and Tidal metadata. And I recall, albeit not too confidently since I wasn’t doing it with troubleshooting in mind, that this relates to applying tags to at least one of these artist entries before the artists were merged.

In some cases I don’t even think I merged them. I think Roon did something to recognize they were the same artist at some point. But this did not eliminate the duplicate tag entries.

My guess is I could clear up the tag entries by creating a duplicate tag, tagging all but the duplicate entries, then deleting the original tag. But that would not eliminate the bug, just work around it. Might as well find the bug right?

@James_I ---- I appreciate you touching base and my apologies for the delay.

If possible, what would be great is if you could reproduce the issue/observations you have made and provide timestamps of when the mentioned behaviors occur. This will give us a point of reference when the team analyzes the diagnostics.

Let me know what you think.