Unable to restore from Dropbox

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear WiFi repeater=Switch connected with LAN to the Nucleus. A Synology NAS is also LAN connected to the Netgear.

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Aries G2.1 connected to the Netgear with LAN

Number of Tracks in Library

About a 1000 Albums

Description of Issue

I just bought a Nucleus after my custom Linux machine died. Back-up process was my Dropbox. According to the logs successfully. (That was the base setting by back-up).

Upon recieving the Nucleus I wanted to restore from Dropbox, but I got the error, that there are no back-up files to be found. Then I copied all the back-up files to my local Synology NAS, still the same error: no back-up files found.

What could be the cause? The back-up process was always successfull (every 4 day) according to the old machine and there are a lot of files.(I also use the same NAS for the local music files, everything is okay at that front. The back-up ordners are visible).

Please don`t say, that I have to copy now everything to a USB stick.

Hey @Tamas_Banfi,

I am terribly sorry that the answer is exactly the one that you were hoping it is not. Dropbox has download limits that prevent restoring a backup in Roon.

Copying the backup to a physical location is the best way to restore your backup.

P.S. We’re so sorry it took us this long to see and reply to your email.

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