Unable to see Roon Backup Folder in Windows Explorer [resolved]

I used the new ‘Backup’ feature in Roon 1.3 to backup my Roon folder to my NAS (Synology DS213j). I know the backup exists but I can’t see it in Windows Explorer. When I go the relevant folder on the NAS and try to create a folder named “My Music”, Windows Explorer informs me there is already folder by that name. I can see the folder in Roon by going to, “Settings”, “Backups”, “Browse”. But, it seems to be a heavily encrypted folder.

If I needed to use that to restore Roon Settings to my Roon Server how would I do it?

To restore, you can always use Find Backups, it is last option in the storage setting. Backup is creating a backup of the Roon database not a copy of the Roon Folder.

Thank you. I see it now.