Unavailable Playlist Tracks - How can I point these tracks to their location?

Description Of Issue

Latest roon release, 1.8 build 756

I have a playlist with over 1000 tracks. Most of the tracks are listed as “unavailable”. Roon does not know the location of these tracks. When I select view file info it doesn’t show a file path. These would have been local network stored files on a NAS. I don’t know what happened, maybe I changed the IP of the NAS or the folder structure changed.

I’m only looking for a way to repoint the tracks in this playlist to where the file track is now on the NAS. Can anyone help explain how this can be done?


are your tracks local physical files or Tidal/Qobuz files? I just went through a similar issue with a 300 track playlist and spent days searching and re-adding them.

One thing to start with, in your playlist, scroll to the right on the title bar and use the Gear icon, you can add PATH to the title bar, and perhaps you can see what’s wrong using that, of which you can also sort and search.

Thanks for the help. They are local physical files. In a much smaller playlist I would search by artist or album, re-add, then remove the unavailable entry. For this large playlist I don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.

Your advice on adding path was a huge help. That now shows me the location of the file Roon was referencing. Now if I can change that path instead of searching/adding/removing I’ll save myself a ton of time.

Good deal, like I said I just went through this painful process too and had to add each manually.

What I was hoping you can do is use the path info, the go outside into either Album, Artist or Tracks views and do some searchs to find groups of missing albums, then in bulk re-add them.

Also don’t worry about Dups, too much as there is also a DUPS feature in the Gears icon, of which you could then sort and multiple select and delete all in one fell swoop.

Yell back for more ideas, as I spent many days fixing my 300 track playlist, but in the end I had fun and now am playing my playlist and enjoying.

Another good recommendation on using the dups feature to remove those. Appreciate the help, you’ve got me going in the right direction and saved me time.

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