Unavailable Tidal tracks

(Andrew Cox) #13

I hope so. The quality concerns ought not to apply to Tidal. It would be great if Pono and Tidal merged.


Listening right now. Didn’t make sense to pull from Tidal if concern was sound quality. His albums are still missing from Apple Music.

(Rob) #15

Yeah was aware that the old man was having some tantrums again anouncing pulling from all streaming services. Maybe Pono was becoming a Nono quicker than he had hoped for and he wanted to channel his listeners to Pono. But still love the man!

But anyhoo, sorry for coming of dense, but how can it be that the “unavailable” tracks in roon are available in the TIDAL app itself and playing and are available through the Bluesound app and can also be played on a Bluesound Node. I can only not access these titles through roon.

All things equal, this should not be possible, so I supect something in roon or interaction between roon and TIDAL is not as it should be.

(Andrew Cox) #16

That is an interesting question Rob and @danny will want to know that it is happening (he will now see this post). It could just be a timing issue, but I don’t understand that Tidal through Roon is intended to be subject to content limitations that Tidal direct or Bluesound are not.

(Andrew Cox) #17

Just to add a data point:

Painted From Memory; the Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach joint album.

Couldn’t play it in Roon, popup on play bar: “This track currently unavailable in Tidal”

Played fine through Tidal in Chrome.

Came back to Roon, after a few minutes could play it in Roon.


Well the “old man” started by poo poo’ing “streaming” and then went on to poo poo “CD Quality”… apparently ignorant to the fact that a large percentage of the content available in the Pono Store is 44.1/16 (including many of his own albums). Meanwhile you can still purchase his albums on Amazon, iTunes, etc. in lossy MP3 format.

He may not have 100% control over where and how his content is distributed, but he does have control over his mouth and the brain that should be controlling it.

With regards to Tidal… At least in OSX, the Tidal app doesn’t seem to be as responsive as the web app. I’m on a much better connection today and all the Neil Young albums are showing up right away in the OSX app.

edit - And I’m able to play the Neil Young albums through Roon via Tidal again.

Cancel that… still showing “Unavilable” in Roon, while being playable through the Tidal app.

(jeremiah) #19

Hey guys -

Getting copyright correct, meaning getting Roon to interpret the copyright rules precisely the same way that the TIDAL apps do, has been a recent and on-going project. My feeling was that we were 99% there, but I see we’re doing bad with Neil Young albums currently.

Another wrinkle is that I think TIDAL is making changes to how they apply copyright rules on their side right now as well. That could explain @andybob’s not being able to play Painted From Memory in Roon but then playing it successfully a few minutes later.

Since work on this is on-going, I recommend trying “Re-Scan Album” for any TIDAL albums in your library which seem to be wrongly unavailable. That’ll pull in fresh data if it has been recently fixed.

Thanks for pointing this out – I’m looking into it now.

Albums 'unavailable' in roon, but they are available directly from TIDAL
(Jonas) #20

I have the same problem with many albums. Among them George Harrisons “Somewhere in England”. It’s available in Tidal app but UNavailable through Roon. I tried to rescan the album but no luck. Why?

(Pål Bråtelund) #21

Old issue and late comment but for the record: Some labels have a hobby of doing take-downs and then put the content back up again a day later. Sometimes to redeliver with updated metadata. Sometimes for…well, looks like no reason for us but might just be an error. We are in the hands of labels on what they put up on the service and some are more professional than others. It’s just the way is. :wink:

(james warr) #22

Nearly the same issue - Tidal returns lots of albums from ECM records where all the tracks are Unavailable. Is there a way to identify these and stop them showing up?
(I would love ECM to be available, but I don’t think they currently stream on any service)

(Mike) #23

Unfortunately, we get two different criteria for an album from TIDAL – whether we can display it, and whether we can stream it. We don’t have any choice about following these rules, and when an album is shown but can’t be streamed in Roon, you’ll generally see the same thing in TIDAL’s apps.

We’ve all been frustrated about the ECM catalog too, but not a lot we can do here unfortunately.

(Jonas) #24

What about when it can be streamed in the Tidal app. But not with Tidal in Roon?

(Tobias Klenk) #25

i usw the Tidal App to organize my Playlists. Very often the whole list is unavailable.
I can play the Songs when i go to the Album. But in the list they are unavailable.
Does anyone have similar issues?

(Mike) #26

@bigj if you have a link, we can take a look.

@cuco – can you be a little more specific. Exact steps to reproduce the issue would be helpful.

Make sure you both let us know what country you’re in, as well. Thanks!

(Tobias Klenk) #27

Hey mike,
it is very simple. My todal Playlists are very often unavailable. as you can see here:

But when i click on the Album itsself all the tracks are available. For example Mumford and sons - Johannesburg:

The list abouve tells me it is unavailable. and this is with nearly every Playlist i made in tidal. sometimes when i Change a few Songs the tracks that are available for me Change. Once it helped to logg off. But the last few times it didnt.
If you Need further informations please contact me! We can also have some remote Support sessions or stuff like this.
Thanks for your help!

(Eric Stewart) #28

Hi @cuco ---- My apologies for the inconvenience here. I’d like to try and get this straightened out for you but need to gather some information from you first. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. The screen grab you provided of a playlist that is having the issue, can you please confirm if this playlist was created within Tidal or Roon?

  2. Are you having the same issue when listening to music from this playlist in Tidal? Can you confirm if it will or will not play in Tidal?

  3. The song “Colours” by Roosevelt. How did you obtain this track? Added to your collection via Tidal? Purchased from Tidal? Or Imported into roon from your personal collection?


(Tobias Klenk) #29

hey Eric,
thanks for the quick reply. FYI i am from Germany. So here the answers:

  1. Created in Tidal
  2. Never like this. Sometimes at work a few songs do not work, but normally they work at home or always on my iphone.
  3. It is added it in Tidal to my tidal playlist.

In general i make my playlists in Tidal, cause i use the Tidal App on my iPhone for offline Music. Does Roon sync back Playlists? Or when i create new ones, are they als created on tidal? Never tried it.


(Andrew Cox) #30

You can play a Tidal playlist in Roon, but if you want to edit it at all you have to make a local copy. You can edit that local copy in Roon but it doesn’t sync back to Tidal and you can’t save it back to Tidal. Neither are new Roon playlists saved to Tidal.

(Donald Schlack) #31

Has there been any progress made on this issue?

(Reinaldo Espejo) #32

I’m bumping this request, because now that Qobuz is around, roon could try to find it there before giving up.
This “unavailable” error is most annoying while playing playlists.
Even some Tidal playlists created by themselves are getting unavailable tracks.