Understanding how Roon stores information

OK, so I’ve been busy ripping my CD collection with db poweramp. Ripped discs go into a music folder that I’ve set Roon up to watch. As I’ve been going along, I’ve been using Roon to correct any problems with the rips - like adding missing cover art, merging split up albums etc.

With one box set - the 142 disc Rubinstein collection - Roon wanted to create one album with 142 discs. I split these up on import so I had 142 separate albums (which is what they are), and I could then add - by hand - the album covers.

Lots of work, but I had it as I wanted it.

The other evening, when I opened up Roon, all of my hard work had disappeared! The Rubinstein collection was back to being one album with about 130 discs in it (the others were in Roon but not grouped), all the album art had disappeared, albums I’d merged were spilt up again, and albums I’d merged were separate. Very frustrating, to say the least.

When I groom Roon, is this work temporary? Where has the album art I added gone? Have I done something wrong? Can I revert to my previously-groomed library?

I have Roon on the latest Mac Mini and control it with a Macbook Pro.

Hey John,

That definitely sounds wrong, and we actually do a good deal of work to ensure that edits are preserved and that edited albums aren’t changed.

I’m going to send you a PM so we can get some logs from your install and take a look. Sorry again for the trouble!