Understanding skipped files and missing tracks

Dear @support - I was advised that this syntactic embellishment was the only way to get your attention :slight_smile:

I am on day 4 of my trial. The initial scan of my music is complete. I’ve fixed as many problems as I can, and learned as much as I can from your community forum and other web resources. These problems remain.

Most of my music is on a Synology 1812+ NAS. The rest is in my iTunes library on my retina iMac of recent vintage. Roon core also runs on this iMac. The NAS is connected directly to the netgear 802.11ac router. The iMac is connected to a gigabit switch, which is connected to the router.

The initial scan lasted 24 hours and successfully processed over 80K tracks. After completion, I noticed two problems.

  1. There were 178 skipped tracks.
  2. On one of my albums, there was only 1 track showing. Sonos, which indexes the same album, showed al 13 tracks. This album resides on my NAS. The missing tracks did not show up in the list of skipped tracks. Restarting Roon fixed this problem.

For seven of the skipped files chosen at random, I have confirmed that Sonos and Quicktime have no problems. I have also confirmed that the special characters you call out do not occur on the paths to the files… Copying them to a local directory and pointing Roon at that directory just causes the local copies to show up on the skipped files list. The extensions involved are .wav, .WAV and .mp3.

The NAS, iMac, and Roon are at current versions of software. Restarting all of them did not help. A forced scan of the NAS shares involved, followed by a restart of Roon also did not help.

There is usually a reason given in the skipped file section. What are some of the reasons?

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Dear @support
For the .wav and .WAV files, audio_stream_format_not_supported

For the .mp3 files, corrupt_file

Can you upload a few of each to Dropbox and PM a link to @support?

If you don’t have Dropbox or similar, let us know and we can give you another way.


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I have Dropbox. What does “PM a link to @support” mean?

You can just message a Dropbox link to @support, or to me directly. That’s fine too.

I think I was able to send a message to Mike with the dropbox link.

I realize this topic is a bit dated, but I faced the same issue and couldn’t find a clear resolution online, so I tried various approaches, found one that works and am now posting the solution for the benefit of future users.
Issue: hundreds of skipped files (out of 15,000) in Roon’s Excel list.
Common denominator: almost all of them ripped on a Mac with XLD from CD to AIFF-24 bit.
Resolution: used the free app “MediaHuman Audio Converter” to semi-batch process the files from AIFF-24 bit to AIF-24 bit (or 32-bit, doesn’t matter).
Why does it work? Hypothesis only, it seems that MHAC fixes the headers on the AIFF file.
Hope that’s helpful to others.