Unexpected error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library (2019-02-00)

This error appears on all of my clients, iPad, iPhone and MacOS client whenever I switch back to the app. It occurs whether Roon is playing or stopped and it makes no difference whether Roon Radio is on or off. If I start playback of an album in my library with a Roon Radio turned off the message still appears each time I open the app (on message appears after quitting and restarting Roon).
Roon Radio appears to be functioning properly however, even though this message appears, tracks are still picked and played normally.

Server (1.6) is running on a Mac mini (OS X 10.13.6) connected by Ethernet to an Asus RT-AC88U router. All clients (1.6) are connected wirelessly.

This quite literally stopped occurring after I posted this thread! Amazing service :wink:

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