Unexpected error limiting Roon Radio to library (2020-12-30)

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Description Of Issue

Unexpected error limiting Roon to library

Happening again tonight, this is happening often lately.

Week 2 with roon and this feature has gone down 3 times.

@dylan, What’s going on?

I’m in Australia, Roon radio defaulting to my library. Was fine yesterday.

Yep that’s the situation my side.

Same here in U.S.A

Yup…same issue as a couple of times last week.

You have our apologies for the disruption! Things should be back up and running now.

Seems to be happening often lately ???


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I still get this error with Tidal, but Roon Radio includes Tidal tracks in the Radio, if they are in my library.

Edit: I tried to logout and re-login from Tidal and now I get “TIDAL login failed”.

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