"Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError" - roon setup login on win 8.1 [Resolved - .NETFramework updated]

When I try to login in the roon setup screen, i get the error “Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError”.

I installed the latest complete installer (control - core - output).

My computer setup is i3-6100, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD Sata 3, running win 8.1.

How can I fix it?

More information is always helpful.

Has Roon worked previously?
Where have you installed Roon exactly?
If in more than one place , is one running as server and the others as remotes?
How is your network set up?

Always worth trying
System reboot
Turn off firewall
Check internet is working.


Hi, John!

Thanks for reply.

I was runnig roon on my Macbook Pro previously, and was working fine.

So, I needed to change from my Macbook to a Windows Desktop. Then, I loogged off from the Mac, installed Roon on Windows and when I try to login, I received the error.

My internet is working. In my network I have only a wireless router and my cable modem.

I just turned off the firewall, uninstalled roon and rebooted several times, but without success.

David Pasco

This may help


Try unauthorising and see how you get on?
Also you have selected Roon core rather than remote when installing?


I just selected Roon Core on setup after installing the core/control/output package.

So, after installed, just in the first time I received the error “Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError”. In any time I received the message that says you’ve already authorized your original PC or Mac.

David Pasco

Maybe try logging back in on your Mac and deauthorise and see what happens then on the PC?


I did it, and received the same error… :frowning:


Alas that has my limited knowledge exhausted, someone from @support will be able to assist.


Thank you John for the help.

Best regards!
David Pasco

Hi @David_Pasco ------ Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Did you move your database over from your Mac to your current Windows machine as seen here in our knowledge base?


Hi, Eric

Actually, I don’t need to move my database over from mac to win. I only need a new core install in the windows.

I tried everything. Uninstall the core from mac and install core on windows, install only the Roon Server on windows and change the Mac to controller and install Roon Bridge on windows and core and control in mac.

When I install the all-in-one on windows, even before uninstall the Roon on Mac, I get the error message “Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError”.

When I install the Roon Server on windows and use Mac as the controller, I receive the same error “Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError” in the login page in the Controller (Mac).

When I install the Roon Bridge on windows and Mac as core and use Windows only as output, everything works fine.

But, I need the Windows as a Roon Server, and I don’t know what I can do…


Hi @David_Pasco ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback! I would like to gather some logs from you so my developers can have a closer look into this issue for you. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.


Thank you Eric. I answered your PM.



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