Unexpected Error when attempting to add additional internal Harddisks to Roon 1.8 Server Storage

I have a new installation of Roon Server 1.8 on my Intel Based Windows 10 Machine. This PC has 5 hard disks with Roon installed on the system drive (c:). Music files are stored on the 4 additional disks which are configured as basic NTFS Data Partitions. Partition style is GPT. No Spanned, Striped, or mirrored volumes are being used.

When attempting to add one of the drives to Roon Storage by clicking on it, I receive the following error: “Error Loading Folder, Unexpected Error”. Subsequent clicking on “Select this folder” will allow me to add the entire drive and Roon will scan it’s contents for music files but I cannot scroll through the file structure on the drive to select a specific folder / subfolder.

Attached is a pic of the error message:

Update: It needs to be noted that the NTFS Partitions for these drives were originally created using the MyArchive functionality of my Asustor NAS.

Deleting these partitions and then re-creating them within Windows fixed the issue. Roon can now browse through the folder structure of each drive without error.

Looks like I spoke to soon. Roon scanned through about 50% of the re-partitioned drive and then crashed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unfortunately, Roon will no longer start and I am not to sure where to go to from here …

Another Update: After deleting Roon’s Database and Cache Folder (starting from scratch), Roon started again.

I then started to rescan the troublesome drive and it appears that Roon doesn’t like Queen (or at least one of the files in that Artist’s folder) … So, after removing the Queen Artist Folder, it scanned through the rest of the drive without a glitch.

This brings up a question: Is there a log in Roon which shows files which (for one reason or another) could not be imported?

Hi @Bacon_Brain

Thanks for the detailed report here, and apologies for the trouble you’ve been experiencing.

Check out our article on skipped files:

You can see what files were skipped by looking at the Skipped Files section, and it will include a reason for it being skipped.

It sounds like a file in the Queen folder is causing an issue here — Normally if a file is corrupt Roon will just skip it and log it in Skipped Files, but there are times when it’s not obvious that a file is corrupt and something about it will cause Roon’s analysis to to run into issues, which is likely the crash you’re seeing here.

How many files total are in your Queen folder? Are there any files that use any abnormal characters or anything like that?


Thanks for the informative reply. I narrowed it down to 2 folders of 23 total that evidently contained files causing Roon to crash. I tried numerous methods (chkdsk, re-tag, re-name, etc.) to narrow it down to specific files, but in the end, I just left the contents of both folders out of the storage scan, and Roon is running just fine.

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