Unforgiving search engine

Why is search so unforgiving? A single letter missing - a typo if you will - and end you end up with no result. I would argue Roon should be able to do better.

In this case I purposely typed ‘Them Croked Vultures’ instead of ‘Them Crooked Vultures’. Any reasonable search engine would find this.

Maybe this?

Or this?

I object to the idea that it’s a feature improvement. To me, it’s just a bug :slight_smile:

That topic seems to imply a lot has been improved in a prior release. Seems like there’s a lot more work cut out for them if even a single missing character results in zero results :slight_smile:

I understand that having to search across various sources (local database, tidal, qobuz, …) poses certain challenges, but accounting for typos is an entirely different problem to tackle.


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