Unhide some albums, not all. Please?

Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 256 SSD 8 GB RAM

Network Details


Audio Devices

Topping D30 Pro USB

Library Size
7000 tracks

Description of Issue

I must be losing my mind. I tried to avoid posting a new topic here but I just can’t find the answer. I have about 300 hidden albums. I hide most of the Christmas music I have during the non-Christmas season but there are a few of those albums that I would like to unhide now. These are local files, not streaming tracks, if that matters.

I just wanna go through and unhide a bunch of albums that I’ve previously hidden. I don’t want to show all hidden albums all the time.

Unhide some, but not all.

Can anybody show me how this is done?

For any album you wish to unhide: 3-dot menu–>edit–>album options–>unhide album. Does that do the trick?

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Thank you. I just wasn’t looking in the right place. I appreciate the assist!

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