UnIdentified Album - Salvatore Mercatante's DECAS

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Artist - Salvatore Mercatante (previously not in my library)
I searched for artist name. I got a hit and browsed his discography via Quobuz integration
Listened to one of his albums, liked it, bought a digital copy via Bandcamp.
Added FLAC files to my library
Artist and album not integrated (e.g. unrecognized). Can’t see album in artist page
when I click on local library copy of album and then click on artist name, I don’t see his discography
I checked all tags, files look fine straight from Bandcamp.
See images below which illustrate the album is in my library but not showing in the artist page

Hi @Stuart_McFarlane. I’m afraid that, currently, we don’t identify albums using streaming service metadata. The album needs to have metadata from one of our non-streaming service providers.

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Hi Joel, many thanks for the quick response.
I’ve encountered this problem quite a bit recently with electronic music artists in particular, thus the reason I finally posted about it. What are you doing to ensure your sources are on par or better than the catalogs of the streaming services? Qobuz doesn’t particularly have a vast library of electronic music but they have DECAS so it’s not like it’s really really obscure. How do we get that particular album added to your sources? What facility do you have for customers to notify of these problems? As I mentioned I have quite a number of these problems, so it would be good if there was a central place where we could notify you so that you could pass the request along to the meta data sources. Roon’s secret sauce is integrated experience but I’m increasingly seeing gaps in this experience.

Even my little ol plex server recognizes the artist enough to pull in a photo of him!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Stuart_McFarlane,

If you feel strongly about this particular feature, please create a Feature Suggestions thread for other users to vote and lend their voices. There’s more leverage in Feature Suggestions than most users expect.

Senior development and product managers read that section often, and votes there create actionable data.

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