Uninstall and reinstall ROON

I think when I first subscribed to ROON shortly after you started I didn’t set ROON up carefully enough and made some mistakes.

Although ROON seems to work well enough I would like to know how to safely uninstall ROON and reinstall it and start from scratch since I now think I understand the terminology better.

Currently ROON is on my Mac Mini 2013 edition i7 with 16gb RAM USB out to a (premultibit) Schiit Gungnir DAC also 2013 edition-I have ~800+ cd’s on iTunes in AIFF and of course TIDAL HiFi with loads of my OWN curated/created playlists some transferred to TIDAL from Qobuz & Spotify via SOUNDIZ.

  1. Move the Roon app from Applications folder to trash.
  2. Move the Roon folder from your User Library folder to trash.
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