Uniti Nova: access local music library?

I’m using a Naim Uniti Nova. I have a local library on a SD card (with all my ripped CDs) plugged into the nova SD-card drive. Is there a way to access this library from roon? (couldn’t get it work because I don’t know the URL or file path to that nova SD-card drive)

Hey @Jochen_Rapp,

This is definitely not a Roon support question, however I tried to research Naim’s website in regards to how internal storage on Naim Uniti Nova works, and it looks like they don’t mention network sharing in the FAQ. Try to contact Naim directly with this question.


I think your Roon core would have to be able to see the SD card, so that would have to be a computer rather than the Nova (which I believe can catalogue 100,000 tracks) but you would have to access these tracks through the Naim app.

I may be wrong but I think the Uniti uses upnp to access network audio if not via Roon or it own Core storage you would need another upnp server running somewhere that had access to your library.