Universal and MQA

Been away a couple of weeks. Has it not been remarked on there are now MQA titles from the Universal catalogue now showing in Tidal Masters?

E.g. Slippery when wet, music from the big pink, sea change

Might have just happened but in context of Mqa album availability surely a big deal… has happened more quickly than the process for warners.

Or is it more like … meh!

Hi Scott, yes I have seen all the new additions as well. Very cool. Hoping Roon flips the switch on MQA support soon. BTW there is another MQA Tidal thread below ongoing about this topic.

The Universal and also Sony adoption of aspects of MQA were announced a while back. However while we think Sony are adopting MQA for their portable hardware, I don’t know where Sony BMG are with regards to releasing MQA encoded titles. Most of what we know in that regard has come from MQA who seem happy to feed the need for information. My guess is it is more ‘BAU’ for the hardware manufacturers. Let’s see if this is a fad or if it’ll stick.

Yeah, check this thread.

The Universal addition is definitely great for us; many more MQA offerings now on Tidal. The rollout seemed a bit too fast though as discographies are a bit messy with multiple MQA versions based on how many sampling rate copies they released for Hi-Res downloads…

Hi thanks guys I was following that thread earlier in the year for the warner mqa’s.
I see mention of the new development in there now albeit in a low key fashion :grinning:

The haphazardness highlights their mass transcoding and upload with little low level focus
Still though as you say good to have this big expansion and Universal/ MQA largely delivering on commitments made with am sure much more to come