Unknown albums. Let me name them!

I find it VERY frustrating that, when Roon doesn’t recognise an album, it just assigns it as Unknown Album without proactively asking me to name it. I obviously know the name!
I am ripping my very substantial CD collection to Roon for backup and I now have dozens of Unknown Albums all aggregated as one, which I have to laboriously sort out.

Well, it’s a compromise. If you want more control, you might be better off ripping using (eg) dbpoweramp where you can check and correct if necessary metadata before you rip. It’s probably a better way of ‘backing up’ your CDs anyway.

Hi John. Ripping to un-named folders can have issues with identification in Roon. I don’t know if you are using ROCK to rip but if you use something else like EAC or dBPoweramp you can name and number CD’s as you rip them. Roon then identifies them better and will still assign a name even if it doesn’t explicitly know what the CD is.