Unnecessary breaks / spacing in album titles in Roon 1.8

Since the upgrade to 1.8 I notice that a lot of album titles have unnecessary / unexpected breaks in them. It happens on Windows 10 and on iOS.
This is just one of many examples:

Why is the title ‘Latin Soul’ not written on the same line? There seems to be plenty of space. I see dozens of examples. Another random one is a Beatles bootleg called “The Alternate Versions, Vol. 1”, where the word “The” is on the first line and the rest of the title on the second line.

Is this expected behaviour?


Yes it is the correct behaviour.

Wow, then that’s a very bad design choice.
One of many unfortunately.


To correct this:

I got around it by either

  1. Putting in a non-breaking space into the album name, which causes this:


  1. Putting in a couple of trailing .. to force the wrap a different way, which causes this:

Personally, I left it at the second option because the dots just look like a spacer element and I can live with that. However, I did the above as an experiment and will not be changing every album title. I just shared because I thought you might find it interesting.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not going to check the titles of 18,000+ releases for this issue. Also, Roon could of course change this again at some point. (I hope they will :wink:)


Exactly why after experimenting, I am not bothering to do a mass change. Although, I might do individual album tweaks if encounter a break which just makes me loose sleep at night :smiley:

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Like this, for example? Absolute madness! :smiley:

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