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Well, I had to vent my spleen somewhere…
Sat here this afternoon, having spent the morning volunteering, when while reading community posts I realised that it was, momentarily very quiet. Then I heard that trickling sound and thought there was some TV prog of interest in progress. However, the TV was turned off!
Suddenly there was water pouring through the ceiling…after 30 minutes of panic stations I find myself with no power, no water & no anything that requires energy.
An overflowing water tank has caused chaos & my insurance company have got their emergency team on the case. They’ll be onsite for urgent repairs in 30 hours :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Mercifully the HiFi just lacks power but otherwise is OK. :blush:



Man that sucks big time, I hope you get it all sorted without too much more disruption. Good luck.

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Well all the words I can think of for that situation are not allowed here…

Sorry to hear that Paul.

Glad to hear you had your priorities right though, ensuring the hifi was safe😇

But seriously…it sucks and I hope they get it all squared away expeditiously for you.

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I don’t hold much hope, My brother suffered a similar (But worse) situation in January and the house took an age to dry with dehumidifiers and they haven’t even start repairs yet.

I think the service offered by UK insurance companies is, tbh, Crap :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry to hear that Paul, absolute nightmare

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OMG, sorry to hear that Paul - what a sh!tshow. Hope you get it sorted out, but sounds like it could be a while.

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That sucks. Glad to hear HiFi is good.

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Aaack! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Water damage is no joke.

I hope it doesn’t take too long to get back to normal. :crossed_fingers:

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That about sums it up in one word and meets the 10 char minimum with ease.

@PixelPopper as a fellow Paul, among others I sympathise with you buddy… weekend failures are just sent to try us.


Yikes, I remember those water tanks when I lived in the UK (total of 6 years), a bit scary to depend on some ancient water level control system in the attic. I was told that they were a legacy of blitz fire fighting, but I don’t know if I believe it, more likely a way to manage mains water pressure. I hope your emergency repairs happen quickly!

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They are a legacy in the UK really and just an accident waiting to happen. Ours has a fully working overflow pipe…ask me how I know! :grinning:

That’s a good story but not the real reason for those water tanks, they (the large tanks) are there to feed water to the heating boiler & a much smaller “expansion” tank vents the water in the heating “circuit” and is an overflow receptacle. :pray:t3:

Mine also has an overflow pipe but it got blocked during the progress of the leak…:roll_eyes:

Unlucky. Ours has a lid on it so in theory there isn’t anything floating about waiting to do that.
In 30 years we have had two ball valves go, but they die slowly and plumbers don’t even bother to replace the washers anymore, the whole valve instead.

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…and so did mine, unfortunately the plastic insulated cover got brittle & cracked. Then, speculation here, it looks like condensation made the insulation wet so the lid sagged under the weight and blocked the overflow. It might have also been resting on the “ball cock” causing the flood!
Due to the thick insulation on the lid this wasn’t visible from the outside.
Today will be busy :roll_eyes:

@PixelPopper I’m really sorry to hear this Paul. Water does so much damage. Be very persistent with the insurance company they are for sure crooks and chancers. Hope it all works out.

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I’m already starting to share your views about insurance companies, their idea of emergency help seems to be different from everyone else’s. We’ll ring you back within “n” hours also seems to be a “bat you off” tactic, and this is less than 24 hours after the initial contact. :roll_eyes:

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Not that it will help your current situation, but, this is the sole reason why I buy my insurance direct from a local broker. Sure I pay a little more, but I can rock up on their doorstep like an unwelcome turd if I’m not getting the service required.

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No water, no power are you sure you haven’t teleported to South Africa :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Sounds like a normal day to me😂

I commiserate really …

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