Unusable performance

The problems on the Sony may be what’s stopping other devices connecting properly though… and if nothing else it’s another data point in trying to diagnose what’s wrong.

This bothers me too… is it really on the network or local loop back?

That was my view Andy. It should run on the Sony on its own is my position. Once that’s sorted, I was going to move on to review clients. My initial thought was that the reason the remote connections are failing is the same as the reason that the interface is unresponsive. That may be wrong but there’s a reasonable chance it’s right. And if it won’t work on the Sony alone, it’s not fit for my purpose in any case. I’ve been busy on other things today so haven’t had time to do the 32 bit thing. I’ll update the thread when I’ve done that. Likely tomorrow. Thanks all again…

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I can’t help wondering if there’s 2 different issues here. The performance problem does sound a lot like the intel graphics issues I’ve experienced in the past. The easiest way to narrow this down (aside from server or 32-bit installs) would of course be to use a different controller but none of these are connecting - that sounds more like a networking or firewall issue to me. @Kenny_Watt sorry if I missed this but did you ever get as far as turning off all firewalls and trying again with a different controller (to narrow down the issues) ? I appreciate you may be feeling a bit flooded by advice!

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fixed, thanks !

I agree - there are in all likelihood two separate issues here. Which is why I think they should be tackled one at a time - starting with the original UI performance issue.


Looks like you got it right Geoff, thanks! I backed up the database, uninstalled the 64 bit version, installed the 32 bit version and the performance problem is gone. I then restored the library and it’s all looking good. Still feels a bit messy to move to that version, but I can’t argue with the result.

I’ll have a look at the remote connection problem now. Even with the UI on the Sony no longer freezing, I still can’t make a connection from my phone.

Thanks again all…


Actually, backing up and then restoring the database is the belt-and-braces approach. You could have uninstalled the 64bit version and elected to keep the database and settings during that step as I suggested. Then they would have been automatically picked up and used by the new 32bit installation. However, glad you’ve got a result. Now for the next issue…

That was the easy one. Turned out there were two instances of Roon listed in settings for the windows firewall. One was set allow and the other not. So that’s all good now too. I’m starting to get around it now to understand what it’s capable of.


A working Roon and a nice big screen to control it from… excellent!

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