Unusual Behaviour - Playlist Labels

I have Roon Core installed on my Mac Mini and use my MacBook Pro as the Remote.

Whilst listening this evening on the Remote (MacBook Pro) I was all of a sudden asked to log into Roon which I did and everything loaded ok on both machines.

Just to ensure I closed Roon on both machines and restarted the application which worked fine.

The problem is I’ve lost all my Playlist labels on both machines and when I select a track to add to a playlist there is no label displayed even though that track has in fact been added to the selected Playlist.

I should add that Tag labels are behaving as normal, they display in the normal way.

Any idea what’s going on here?



Hi Tim,

Could you post screenshots showing the changed Playlist labels that you are referring to (or at least where they used to be) ? I would also suggest restarting the Core again, just to check that it’s not some display glitch from a gremlin upon your first restart.

If the problem continues then we will ask a dev to investigate.

Hi @andybob thanks for your reply.

Don’t think posting a screenshot will be helpful as I cannot produce what I was seeing before as it’s disappeared!

Simply when you add a track to a Playlist it produces a blue in colour name of the Playlist the track has been added to below the track name. The same as when you add a Tag to a track.

The Tag name is still displaying but not the Playlist name.

As I said before, the track selected for adding to a Playlist is still added to the Playlist and all my Playlists are in place and play normally.

As you suggest perhaps one of the Development guys could have a look at this post and give an answer.

Thanks for your time.



Thanks Tim,
Let’s leave notifications for @mike and @vova to check it out further.

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@mike @vova

Any chance of a reply to this problem please?!



Hello @timlumley, appologize for the delay. Sounds very frustrating, unfortunately I can’t reproduce this behavior. Several questions, to understand this situation better:

Will the label appear if you add new local track to existent playlist?
Will the label appear if you create a new playlist using local track?
What will happen if you add TIDAL track to existent, new playlist?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @vova

Many thanks for your reply.

The replies to the questions you asked are that no matter whether it’s a local file or a track from Tidal all my Playlist labels have disappeared.

As I’ve said previously, the Playlists are all there and play fine and I can add further tracks to Playlists and they add just fine but there are no labels what so ever.

All very strange.

Thanks for reply @timlumley . Now I’d like to check your logs. I’ll PM you shortly


Tried to get in touch with @mike by Private message on this matter but to no avail.

Disappointed that this matter has not been resolved in Build 88 despite being told it would be.


Hi @timlumley – as I mentioned in our PM a few weeks back, we noticed that the playlists in question had no profile associated with them. While we were not able to reproduce this in house, we did implement a number of new features to make the interactions between playlists and profiles more flexible.

You should be able to see them in the Playlist browser, and if you click the little pencil and associate them with your profile, I think the labels should show up. Let me know if that’s not the case, and we’ll take another look.


Thanks for the reply @mike

Yes that seems to have fixed the Playlist problem and the Tags have appeared for the tracks in the Playlists.

However, the other Tidal problem has not been resolved.

When this happened it removed all the Tidal tracks from the Playlists for the Tidal Albums that were deleted as well as deleting all other Tags.

Are you any nearer to hearing from Tidal for a fix to this problem?



Ok, great news! :smile:

Tidal confirmed there was an issue with their API, and it was fixed a little over a week ago. Tidal favorites should no longer disappear from your library, and we’ve heard from a few affected users that everything has been solid since Tidal’s fix went live.

I did just notice one other issue that could be a factor here, and combined with the now-resolved API issue, might have caused tracks to go missing from your playlists. We are investigating this now, but the API issues were the trigger here, and with those resolved you should be all set going forward – just know that we’re triple checking this to ensure playlists are safe in the event of any additional issues, in Roon or otherwise.

We take any sort of data loss very seriously, so apologies for the trouble and thanks for your patience here – I don’t this will be an issue going forward, but having said that, I would still encourage you to make periodic backups. I do a lot of editing and grooming in my collection as well, so I make sure to copy the database out roughly once a week.

Ok thanks @mike

So it seems unless you can find some other reason for the loss of the tracks from Playlists and the missing Tags I’ll have to re-add them myself.

That’s not a big problem, just the growing pains that have to be gone through with a relatively new product.

Roon is still the best music software out there and these issues pale into insignificance when you consider how wonderful Roon is to use and listen to.

I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone of your team for the superb job you’ve done with this product. I’ve not enjoyed my music so much for years and I’m sure it will get even better as time goes on.

Here’s wishing you and everyone at Roon a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Can’t wait to see what you deliver for us in 2016.

Kind regards,


Thanks so much Tim!

From the whole team, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!