Unusual/strange behavior and display in the Audio Analysis of the tracks

Since Build 1202 (maybe already since Build 1193) I noticed the following behavior in this analysis.

  1. If an album is added, for example with 10 tracks, these 10 tracks will be added to an “existing” number e.g. 419 + 10. The tracks are numbered and analysed from 419 to 429. This means the system counts the number of added tracks continuously. Is there any specific reason for this?

  2. In addition it appears as if the analysis of the second last track (following the example: 428 of 429) is never completed. (pic-1)

  3. This process can be stopped only by deactivating the analysis mode as such (pic-2).

When the analysis mode is switched on again, everything seems fine and correct. (see pic-3)

  1. If now a new album with e.g. 22 tracks is added, 429 to 451 is displayed (pic-4).

The same problem regarding the analysis appears as described above. Again it seems as if the analysis of the second las track (now 450 of 451) is NEVER completed. (pic-5).

This scenario will repeat with each new album added.

  1. Beside the fact that the numbering seems not logic, it is of more concern whether the server is continuously occupied with the analysis or the refreshment of the information displayed is not functioning.

Note: The problem appears in both language versions (German / English).

Only a guess here, but, it seems like there may be a corrupt file or two lurking in the library hanging up the analysis and Roon keeps pushing the files to the back of the line to be analyzed.

Can you go back through the imported files from the time you noticed this and before and see if there are any missing or un-identified files? You might also check the “skipped files” section of “settings/Library”? If its hung on the files it might not show in skipped files, though…???

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the thoughts on the issue.

All tracks have been imported without errors so far. There are also no skipped files.

A couple more ideas, try “clean up Library” and note if it has anything amiss in there.
Then, if you have a good one, restore from a backup of the Database?

As a next to last option go to the ROCK webUI and reinstall the OS. Should not have a huge impact on your DB put may “reset” this scanning issue.

And as a last resort, reset the DB from the webUI and then restore from backup?

Unless of course this is not bothering you enough to go through all that… :slight_smile:
Or support chimes in and tells us what is going on…???

After installing Build 1211, the phenomenon no longer occurs. Everything seems to be normal. It can also no longer be reproduced. Thanks

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