Unwanted albums

It’s just a fact that Roon thinks in albums. If an individual track but not its album is favorited in the Tidal app, Roon nevertheless adds the album cover in the album view.

However, inside of the album will be only the one or few tracks that were favorited in Tidal, and a button to “view the whole album”.

It seems the most likely cause for what you are experiencing. Did you check these unwanted albums in Roon if the track list looks like that? E.g., I just went to the Tidal app on the phone and favorited just the track “Rice” from the Young Fathers’ Heavy Heavy album. Then I go to the albums in Roon and see the album cover:

When I go to that album in Roon, it only shows the one track that is a Tidal favorite and the “View complete album in Tidal” button:

Exactly like it is. Now I remembered, when trial roon I did use tidal for 5 month without roon but never saved albums just favourite tracks. So on the first roon sync roon was full of albums and inside them 1 or 2 tracks.

So, I have just finished unfavoriting several thousand tracks in Tidal, resynced and everything is now correct. Thank you all very much

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I’m glad :ok_hand:

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