Unwanted albums

I have installed Roon and added my Tidal account and nothing else. I now have maybe hundreds of albums that are not in my Tidal album collection - lots of best ofs, alternative versions typically containing just a few tracks or simply duplicates. Many contain tracks or similar titles from albums that I do ‘have’ but there are a. None of these extra albums appear in my Tidal account. I am using a Synology NAS as my Core if that is relevant. I have 12 days left on my trial - if I have to spend that time deleting albums I don’t want I don’t think that I will be signing up! Can anyone suggest what to do? Many thanks

Is it possible that Roon is finding these albums on your NAS as local copies? Can you post a screenshot of Roon’s Settings > Storage screen?

Thank you. What I didn’t finish typing was that I am also seeing artists I have never even heard of. I have not set up any folders for monitoring on my NAS.

Then I would suggest that you change your Tidal password - your account may have been hacked…

All these Albums and Artists are appearing in your Library, right? You’re not referring to the Tidal section in Roon?

No. None of these extra titles is visible in the Tidal app.

No - I’m not talking about the Tidal app - I mean the Tidal section in Roon, which is a view into the entire Tidal catalog. That’s separate from your Library… I subscribe to Qobuz, not Tidal, so think of this screen in Roon with Tidal substituted for Qobuz…

They are only visible in Roon

In the sidebar in Roon > My Library or in Roon > Browse > Tidal

I think, I’m not 100% sure so I hope I’ll get corrected… If you favourite a track in tidal app, the album that contains that track it is not going to be listed on the tidal app (only the track under track sections) but in roon it is going to appear under the albums tab. maybe you since your tidal with another service? Also this is a good advice as there were users having tidal accounts hacked

Talking about liked tracks that do show different in roon vs tidal app, there are albums in roon that in tidal are just tracks (all the selected ones in my screenshots, first is from roon second from tidal app both listed by date they were added, all are coming from favourite tracks made using tidal app)

It might be different metadata handling (roon vs tidal) that leads to this

Just enjoy that, library management takes time and energy that you can invest after you decide what to use

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Thanks for your responses. To clarify, the extra albums are in my Roon Library, as Suedkiez kindly explained, but not in my Tidal collection when I look in my Tidal app, so it seems to me that my Tidal account is not hacked. Traian’s comment about metadata seems right but if I have to spend time removing data that I did not request then Roon is not for me. It’s a shame as clearly there are a lot of fans out there and it seems a really interesting service. If any one else has any insights I would love to hear them.

doesn’t seem like normal behavior at all. Your roon library should only have things you added.

Screenshots would really help diagnose. (Maybe some comparing what you see in the Tidal app along with what your library looks like in Roon.)

I am still wondering if they are in the Browse > Tidal section of Roon


My tidal collection in Roon is a copy one to one to my tidal app Albums, Tracks, Artists

In Roon > My library there are small changes. Favourite tidal tracks get in under Albums. But the content is the same as I do not have any added local files or a quobuz subscription.

Having things that you do not know about

yeah, me too. There are plenty of albums in that view that are NOT in my Roon library. (Not sure what that view really does. I don’t use it.)

Yes I know it should, but as the issue here is unknown it would still be good to confirm that beyond doubt, even if the answer is just that it’s an exact copy as one would expect.

I do think that you are probably spot on with the Roon showing favorited Tidal tracks in the Roon library under albums (with one track in it)

Might be wrong. Or might be like that as the roon track favourites do not get updated to tidal tracks favourites. That is why I still use tidal app to favourite tracks, and after a sync roon displays them on the home recently added and I found them on the roon my library albums (tidal favourite tracks has over 1500 and roon over 10)

It’s actually the other way round for me - My Library has the ‘extras’ but when I expand Favourite albums in Browse>Tidal and then click My Tidal Collection I see exactly what my Tidal collection of albums exactly as it should be.

OK, as expected then. Good.

Sorry if I missed that, but did you check if the unwanted albums contain only one or a few tracks (where you favorited the tracks but not the album in the Tidal app)?

The unwanted albums contain a few tracks for the most part and yes, they do seem to be favorited tracks. What I am seeing in the Tidal app under albums is a lot of favorited tracks inside favorited albums. Sometimes it’s every track, sometimes it is a random few. I favorited a few tracks when I started using Tidal just to see what happened but since then nothing so it is odd that I have so many favorite tracks and with no pattern that I can see. I have unfavorited a bunch as a test - can I force Roon to resync to Tidal?

Go to Settings/Services, click on edit next to Tidal and then Sync library now: