Upcoming Roon Ready Dac “Sonnet Digital Audio”

I had two reasons. One, it’s my first dac with Ethernet input. Two, it’s my first r2rdac.

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Don’t want to be rude, but if I were roon labs I would not want to be associated with such a project.

I don’t think so, on the contrary, it can only generate more Roon users

Why do you say that? The only association is it is designed to be ‘roon ready’. It isn’t an endorsement by Roon of the product, just a statement of its capability to work with Roon, like all the other roon ready products.

I am under the impression the product is called “Roon DAC”, not Not “roon ready” DAC as per headline and first sentence of this thread.

‘A roon DAC’…
Anyone can call their DAC a Roon DAC but ‘Roon DAC’ naming would require their permission/endorsement, so why would Sonnet be asking for funds here?

I think absolutely NOBODY may call a DAC “roon DAC” unless endorsed by roon labs. Otherwise this label is utterly misleading.

And I think there are no “roon DACs” for a reason. Not talking about “roon ready” etc. But even these need endorsement by roon labs.

Remember, the designer is the same person as did the Metrum Ambre streamer

So he knows the process and will go by all the rules. As pointed out the first post is sort of misleading. I am sure this will be a great product for all those folks that are into R2R.

I’m happy to support this keen ‘one-simple-network-input-roon-certified-endpoint-with-integrated-converter’ (aka RoonDAC :grinning:)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just a working title for now (we’re talking about a small first batch at the moment)

It’s not a working title or product name, just explaining that ‘this DAC will do Roon’.
I’ve already informed him that the term used is somewhat confusing and not correct.


Roon Labs’ relationship with this product is no different than with hundreds of other Roon Ready products. I’ve edited the post above to clarify that this is a “Roon Ready DAC” and not a “Roon DAC”. I trust that this will resolve the confusion.


Gentlemen, what is R2R please. Also, if the input is ethernet, I assume that means the signal goes back over the network to the DAC; is that less efficient than going direct to a DAC with USB or other connection?
Thanks. Paul

Just the opposite, imho.

R2R is a type of DAC design. It uses ladders of resistors (usually but not always discrete components instead of ICs) to turn stepped voltages representing 1s and 0s into continuous waveforms being an audio signal. The R meaning a resistance value and 2R twice that value because the resistors in the ladders have that relationship.

I have an R2R DAC, being the Holo Audio Spring. In the Spring the non-linearities arising from the value tolerances of the resistors (referred to in the above article) are managed by having two resistor ladders (4 in total, 2 each for PCM and DSD) and using the second to correct non-linearity. I believe this is done by inverting the output of the second ladder and subtracting the differences between the ladders from the final output. Similar to a humbucking pickup.

Contrasting designs include the SABRE integrated circuit family.

The output of a DAC is not an Ethernet signal, but either an unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (AES) audio signal that goes to an amplifier and then to speakers.

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hi could you please tell me if this new product offer is still available and is it true that it’s performance should equal a pavane amber combination

Hi @Warren_Jackson1

I’m not @fernand_lambert, but I’ll answer anyway. You should contact the developer directly from sonnet-audio.com for questions about the device.

I have been in contact with Cees (Sonnet audio), he was already aware of the question

He has dropped the roon device due to a lack of timely interest and is moving on with a straight up dac that also looks interesting…

I suspect something like that, indeed looking forward to the dac, Cees has already earned his spurs with dac’s at Metrum Acoustics, I use three of his creations myself