Upcoming Roon Ready Dac “Sonnet Digital Audio”

Dear all, a well-known designer of Metrum Acoustics Dacs is starting a new project,

a Roon Ready Dac, to keep this project affordable he is looking for an interest to launch this “small” project, however it is necessary to generate a minimum of interested parties (orders) to make this possible. Personally, given my experience with this man’s designs, I think it’s a unique opportunity to purchase a Roon Ready Dac at this decent requirements and launch price

Deleveries will be done by a well-known manufacturer, however work out and preparing orders will be done by the designer himself.

Following is a copie from the designers announcement:

Based on the design, a prototype will be made first to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Two weeks after this, final production will start. As a whole, an expected delivery time of approximately nine to ten weeks is expected. The product will be released under the new brand name “Sonnet Digital Audio”. The design has already been determined and will get the looks similar to the attached photo.

Orders can be placed by means of registration and assuming a minimum amount of 25 units will be reached. If this amount is not reached, payments will be credited.

The following prices were calculated based on normal margins:

Roon Ready dac including VAT Euro 1330 for deliveries within the EU. Shipments outside the EU Euro 1099 ex VAT

The following prices apply to the first 25 orders:

Roon Ready dac including VAT Euro 935 for deliveries within the EU. Shipments outside the EU Euro 773 ex VAT

In case that more orders are placed than the minimum quantity of 25 pieces the order will be increased while the same discount prices apply.

The following information is important for creating the order:
Postal Code
telephone number (may only be used by courier)

Orders can be placed via email: info@sonnet-audio.com
Payment in advance by IBAN or Paypal
If there are any questions please let me know.


A ‘Roon’ Dac? Is Roonlabs involved in this? We’d need a bit more info about the design I think. sonnet-audio.com has no info yet, just an image on the front page. Is it R2R? Based on one of the ESS chips?

I don’t know, please contact Sonnet Digital mail: see below

Thanks, I’ve sent a mail.

Please share what you find.

In the mean time, I’ve seen this:

Cees also attached a bigger size image of the circuit board …

I would certainly like to see some indication of specs and info on the likes of roon volume adjustment etc

Maybe the developer should get an account and discuss here

Agree. As the design only has an ethernet input I guess it is meant to be a full Roon endpoint. We know it is R2R which is very promising. I’ve suggested that the developer joins us here to answer our queries. We’ll see.

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Do I see a headphone socket on the front?

it’s a full Roon endpoint.

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is it running Ropieee?

I think you are right. Looking at the circuit board reveals a pair of amp circuits connected to a single L/R output which look like a 6.3 mm socket.

Might be Baseflow… :slight_smile:

Yes it will, although it’s actually a variant as this device is intended for Roon Ready certification.


Wow! This is getting really intriguing!

Great news…another client for your excellent work - well done Harry. Very cool.

Couldn’t resist, ordered one.

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What max sample rate does it support?

I have not seen any information on that yet, but the Metrum Pavane mentioned in the text above has 384kHz over USB. I’d hope for the same or better via ethernet for the ‘Roon DAC’

I’m a bit on the fence here as my current amp is a Devialet 250 CI. If I move away from the Devialet my thinking was to look at active speakers (D&D, Kii…), but I can still change that…