Upcoming track is not running track

That is correct. Are you seeing something different?

Well yes,after pressing the button playing stops,because also running track is cleared

Is it possible you are clicking/pressing twice? The first should leave the current track playing, but the second clears that too (a feature?).

Not to my knowledge. I am using ipad. Maybe something is too sensitive or so now. I saw clear all button coming up after I pressed clear upcoming. Well then list was already empty :frowning:

I think I’ve seen this too

Perhaps. If you repeat the exercise, does the clear upcoming text change to clear all and stay there, or does it just show briefly before disappearing?

Now it worked ok. I see some random functionality here. Maybe someone to check if I succeeded to bypass some for-loop :grinning:

Ok, let us know if the random functionality becomes common.

Can you adjust or check sensitivity on an iPad?

@wizardofoz, are you on iPad too?

Can’t recall it recently but it’s happened on Mac remote for sure. I seldom clear the queue now as it kills the playing track…I’ll maybe go and try this next time I get a chance.

Assuming software development team is using some quality control I think this bug report verified by other user should trigger some action now.

I was hoping you could make it reproducible - that always helps. Nevertheless, moving this over to #support.

Please add any further details about your setup that could help @support. Use this link as a guide.

I will. These random type of issues are very hard to reproduce. I recommend some test automation tool. After a few thousand clicks this will come up, trust me :slight_smile:

Happening still on Win10 Core and MAC remote

clear the queue and everything stops including whats playing.

I may be misunderstanding here, but when there is no more queue after the current playing item, then there is no “clear upcoming”. There is only a “clear all”, which does exactly that - the whole queue goes.

I noticed something that may or may not apply here.

With a track playing and others to follow in the queue, clicking Clear Upcoming (using iPad) clears the upcoming tracks as expected and the current track continues playing. I tried this multiple times with no issues.

If I pause the current track then clicked Clear Upcoming, all tracks, including the current track are deleted.

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This happened to me without pause in use

And like said this is a sporadic issue,which doesn’t happen always. Maybe some fault in software exception handling or so

Well, well. I didn’t know that. Thank you.
Examine the little text above the mini-album image of the playing track in the queue. If the track is playing, it says Now Playing. If the track is paused, the text changes to Upcoming. Thus tapping Clear upcoming includes that track.

It may or may not be intended, but it is consistent.

I learned something here as well. :+1: I rarely use the “Clear Upcoming” feature, so it hasn’t been an issue for me.

I hope the OP’s issued gets resolved. :crossed_fingers:

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