Update 1.8 bugging out on connected devices

Roon Core Machine

QNAP NAS, 16 GB RAM, Roon 1.8 build 880 on SSD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk router, 8 audio devices connected through Ethernet, 1 WiFi.

Connected Audio Devices

Sony SRS X77, X77, X88, ZR5, HTNT3, DNR1080, JBL 5.0 multibeam, Polk Assist, grouped in 5 groups (all through Chromecast).

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon was working fine today, since update to build 880 connected devices keep bugging out. See screenshots, taken within seconds. Devices appear, disappear, gray out, loose name etc. Unusable. Restarted end-points, restarted Roon app on phone and NAS, restarted NAS. Nothing works. Tidal app sees all speakers as before, see screenshot.

Update: with Roon running on the NAS, Tidal didn’t see my speaker groups. After ending the service on the NAS the speaker groups reappeared in the Tidal app. Somehow Roon seems to “hijack” the speaker groups?

After some additional testing I found that every Chromecast connected app (Tidal app, Google Home app etc.) is able to connect to all connected devices and speakers groups as long as Roon is not running. As soon as I restart Roon, all speaker groups disappear from all apps that are able to cast. So Roon definitely does *something with the devices. So my only choice is to not run Roon until there’s a solution to be able to use my speaker groups. Very disappointed after just renewing my subscription…

Please take a look at the screen recording of the erratic behaviour of Roon with connected devices. It’s completely unusable. Roon 1.8 erratic behaviour connected devices - YouTube

I am having a similar problem - The Chromecast groups appear and disappear erratically. Restarted my entire network with no effect.

Unfortunately, this has made Roon completely unusable for me.

More specifically:

Running a Roon server on a headles HP PC. Endpoints are primarily Google Home speakers or Google Chromecast Audio. I have one HIFIBerry DAC+ endpoint.

When I go into Settings > Audio. The endpoints appear and disappear as if they are being recognized and then lost. The only endpoint that seems to stay consistently is the HIFIBerry DAC+.

Here are a couple of screenshots, taken less than an minute apart:


This has started happening to me too. Most of my smart speakers have all but disappeared from Roon.


New update completely broke Roon for me. I have tried rebooting everything till I’m sick of it all. The CA devices appear and disappear quickly. Clients can connect to core, then they can’t. No stability. Everything was working perfectly until this update. I am back to just streaming from Tidal, SiriusXM, Spotify which all work normally. Thankfully my Arcam sa30 with latest beta firmware supports Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect. I hate to give up my 4 tbs of lossless music on my hard drive, but paying for this much hassle is beyond my patience. Ugh. Right here at the holidays with family due next week. Dam
Btw, using a dedicated windows 10 pro pc for core, net gear Orbi. All was perfect.

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Not sure if I have a workaround - but I disabled most of my devices and groups and it seems to have stabilized. I currently have six devices enabled and the dynamic appear/disappear behavior I was seeing has stopped. Update: I was able to add a 7th and still seems okay.

Thanks for your suggestions. When I have a spare hour to torture myself with a program I pay for, I will try that. I just turned off the firewall. I would try Roon with no firewall but I’m busy enjoying streaming with Tidal Connect. Hint.

I turned off the firewall. A little better, but the CA devices will not work properly. They cut off and on, the play bar stutters, its just a big mess. I hope we can go back to previous version till this is fixed. If not, I have no use for Roon now. I don’t know what they changed in the networking of Roon, but it broke my system. And I repeat, everything was perfect and stable before this update.


This seems to have helped. I disabled a few Google toys and its better. I noticed on the settings page under Audio the devices that were enabled were loading and unloading constantly. What a mess Thanks for the heads up.



J’ai fait la mise à jour de ROON 1.8 et maintenant mon lecteur réseau TRIGON EXXCEED affiche le message d’erreur suivant:

This site can’t be reached refused connect

I can enable 7 devices and use them like before. But upon enabling the 8th device, Roon goes all epileptic with the devices, rendering them inaccessible to other apps such as Tidal, even crashing 2 of my Sony Chromecast speakers. They only came back online after hard resetting them. What a hot mess.

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