Update android / PC error

HP notebook 250 G7 running Windows 10, intoel cor i7, 8MB RAM,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Devolo powerline router with TP Link as main router

Connected Audio Devices

USB SSD drive, Mackie onyx mixing desk and native instruments komplete audio 6

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue


since the latest update my android app cannot connect to my core because it says they are different versions. the link tells me I can’t use version 1.8 with version 2 but they are all running version 2 with slightly different numbers. the PC says it is up to date so I can;t update further. I’ve checked the community but can;t find the same problem.

I can provide screenshots if need be but the android says it is running v2.0 (build 1149), the PC says it is running v2.0 (build 1148). tyhere is no way to update the PC because it says it is up to date.

grateful for advice on how to fix.

All details are in this thread. If you’re in EA, all your devices need to be in EA. Conversely if you want to be in production, all devices must be in production. Decide which you want to be in, and follow instructions one by one to get them all on the same. Good luck.

Thanks for prompt response. I wondered this. I am signed up to early access and previous updates kept this in line. But the PC has ‘lost’ early access (which should be linked to my main profile) and I can find no way to get the PC back to the early access feature.

Quoting from the link I sent:

Updating Windows or macOS cores or remotes to earlyaccess

  1. Shut down Roon / RoonServer if either is currently running
  2. Download the appropriate installer package(s) for your platform using the links below
  3. Open the downloaded file(s) and execute the installation process as you would normally

This will install the earlyaccess version of Roon and/or RoonServer onto your computer. This is a completely non-destructive process and is no different than installing any Roon update.

You will need to repeat this process for any computers on which you use the Roon application as a remote to your core.

great, thanks. the links don’t come through on my work phone so now on my PC and I’ve got sorted after some fiddling. raises more questions than it answers though. Roon need to up their game if people are to stick with them.

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