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Hello, I‘m Rüdiger from Germany and this is my first post here. I hope my english ist not to bad.

Yesterday I found out that I heard with version 884 and I wanted to upgrade to 918. Everytime I tryed I had an error notice that the update could not been done. Than I made a download from the webside of the newest version and it worked.

This morning I saw that I had again version 884 at the Roon core. I was much confused. How can this happened and how can I stop this back downgrading?

Best regards Rüdiger

Hi Rüdiger, your English is fine. After you downloaded the update to 918, did it install and did you reboot the core? Typically once downloaded and installed the new updates take effect after the core is restarted.

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Hi Robert
After I downloaded the update I heard music and then I stopped the Program and the MacBook for the night. Today morning I tried to control the version at the iPad and then I saw that the core was 884. When I checked this at the MacBook I saw that this was right.
I will lock tomorrow evening if the core will hold 918 or if it will go back to 884 and tell here.
Thank you for answer, Rüdiger

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Rüdiger, if it cannot hold 918 tomorrow, we can reflag support and see if they can look at your question.

You can also, set the machine to not auto-update. Settings/About, click the gear on the right of the Core and choose “Ask before updating”.

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Hi all
Today it was the same. On the iPad I saw the version 918 on the pad and version 884 at the core (MacBook). The core wants to update but then there was the error notice. Now I downloaded a new version with 918 an closed the automatical update. Tomorrow I‘ll see if this helps.
I‘m not the great computer expert, the MacBook will only be used for music.
Thanks all, Rüdiger

Have you tried re-installing the Mac Roon core software manually via the Roon downloads page? It seems to have fixed another user’s problem by manually re-installing instead of using Roon to update to 918:

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With forbidden to update automatical the core holds the 918 update. But now I must start every update manual. Not to good.
Best regards Rüdiger

Were you at least able to update and keep 918? You may not have to update manually next time, but we won’t know until the next update occurs.

Hi Robert
Yes, ist was possible to Update at 918 and the core is holding ist now. But the price ist to stop the automatical updates. What will happen in future we will see at the next update.
Best regards Rüdiger

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If you set it to “Ask Before Upgrading”, then what will happen at the next update, is that when you open Roon after the update has been released, you will get a pop up asking if you want to update. You can then ignore or update. The point is Roon will let you know and present you with a option to update, no digging in the settings menu needed.

I personally have kept my core always set to this for years. I like waiting a little bit after a new update is released before upgrading.


Rudiger, was the Roon core able to update automatically and keep the updated version released today, 923?

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Got an update message today. Clicked and the update was downloaded without any problems.
Use 923 now.
Thanks all, Rüdiger


Hopefully it will stay that way.

Great to hear Rudiger, best wishes on it being stable now.

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