Update Failure? [Resolved]

I attempted to use Roon this morning and it could not connect to the core. Checking the machine the core runs on, the only file in the AppData\Local\Roon\Application folder is a RAATServer.exe_old and folder with the application files in it. How can I repair/reinstall the application? There doesn’t seem to be the option under my account (lifetime membership).

Time to flag @support, but from what I’ve read, this symptom is usually associated with BitDefender. Is it possible that’s your anti-virus software?

I am using BitDefender. I did find the download link and tried reinstalling. No errors occurred, but the app will not startup. I have been using BitDefender for about 6 months with no issues.

I uninstalled BitDefender and reinstalled Roon. It appears to be working fine now. Thanks for the BitDefender tip.

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