Update Issue with Remote Core Nucleus

I am getting this message (see screen shot). The little wheel to the right of the update message just spins and spins. What next? Thank you!

Hi @Michael_Messer,

Can you provide some more information regarding your network setup? How is the Nucleus connected to the network here, is it plugged in directly to the router?

Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear? Have you tried rebooting your router yet? If not, I would give this a try.

I have a modem from my internet provider that connects to my Linksys router. I connect my Roon Nucleus into the router and connect my dCS streamer into the router, as well. I’ve been using Roon for about a year with only minor issues.

Thank you for your Help!

Hi @Michael_Messer,

Thank you for sharing that networking information. I would go ahead and try rebooting the router and Nucleus (via the Web UI) to see if it helps clear things up.

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I unplugged the modem and router, waited about a minute plugged them back in and when my internet connection came back I still had the problem. I turned my Nucleus off, waited a bit and turned it back on…Bingo, update downloaded and installed! Thanks for the help!

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