Update kill my roon on windwos server 2012 r2

Roon Core Machine

asus p6t ws
inte 6 core
12 gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

internal lynx soundcard

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

after update i have a database issue
i deinstall roon , i delete old database and install roon complete new. If i add an library roon does not scan library. I can not add hqplayer. I have two pc, on both is same problem after update.

I installed an older version from roon (June 2021). With this version i can work, problem is, that roon download immediately new version and after recycle of roon database is again corrupt.

Hey @Christian_Schmauder,

We’re so sorry to hear about what you’re experiencing. Some of our subscribers have been facing a corrupted database. Would you please take a look at our post below?

Hello Rebeka, i use roon now many years and i also installed roon for several friends on same hardware with windows server. Yes i read this post. I had this issue several times before and therefor i did this many times. But this time it is different, after update to build880 i can not use roon even when i delete complete database… Meanwhile i installed a fresh windows server 2016 system on a new ssd. There i have same problem. After i install roon or roon server, the roon sign show it is always working, and roon discover no music. It looks like, roon can not build the database on thissystem. Do we have to add a special server roll? All my friends with windowsserver have same problem now and can not use roon anymore. I have two different server, both do not work anymore with roon.

Hey @Christian_Schmauder,

Thanks so much for the description. I’m hopeful that you could continue to help us investigate this.

First, when it comes to your Core (the Asus), what OS is it running? And what .net framework version?

Next, could you please:

  • restart Roon on your Core
  • launch Roon with a new / fresh database
  • wait for the error message regarding the database and write down the local date and time
  • immediately after, please grab a set of logs
  • please, upload them in our drive as a zip file

Please, let us know the timestamp (local date and time) and if the logs have been uploaded (we’re not automatically notified…)

Also, could you please try updating your Core to build 882 and see if it helps with this issue?

thank you Rebeka, update to 882 solve this issue. windowsServer2012 is working again. Thank you very much.


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