"Update required"

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS ver 12.4
Mac. Mini

trying to connect my Mac mini to my Roon core, But I keep getting a message saying that there is a
“Update Required” on one of my network . But I have checked and all my os system and everything else is up today.
My core is connected to my Innuos Zen Mk lll . Is it possible that the innuos Zen needs updating , though it is running fine on the iPad on the wall, and the MacBook Pro which the manages the music. I am trying to hook up in my office the Mac mini , but that’s where I get the Update required . I use to be able to listen and manage my Roon from the office , Mac mini, but no longer am I able to do it.
Any idea’s,
Thanks for all your help,

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Hi David,

What needs to be updated is the Roon app on your office Mac Mini… it is running a rather old build 814.

The error message points to a problem of Roon on the Mac Mini to contact Roon’s update server. Maybe on your office network some security software blocks this access request?

What you can do, though, is simply wipe out Roon on the Mac Mini, and download and install the latest Mac version of Roon (Build 970) on the Mac. Please note though, that if the update checks are being blocked in your office environment, future updates will eventually fail again.


No need to wipe out just download the latest from Roon website and install on your Mac and you should be good to go

Hey @David_Hanover,

Welcome back, it’s been a while - good to see you! Please give @Andreas_Philipp1’s suggestion a go. As @wizardofoz mentioned, it’s not typically necessary, but we’ve seen update issues on some machines that are on aged builds.

Please let us know if deleting Roon and reinstalling from our Downloads page helps. Thanks! :v:t2: