Update Roon Nucleus Core is hanging

Roon Core Nucleus update is hanging.

The download started but hangs in the middle for more than one hour.
What is the solution ?

In the meantime, switched off roon nucleus core and restarted it, now the new version is ready for download again, but I plan to wait to download it.
Keep you informed

Hey @William_VLAEMINCK,

Thanks for your patience while we work through each thread! Following up here, could you please give your Nucleus a hard reboot, and let me know when you get it back online?


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Hi @William_VLAEMINCK ,

I enabled diagnostics for your account and I’m seeing that the Nucleus is still using an older Roon build. Have you had a chance to perform a full reboot of your Nucleus? You can also try to perform an Operating System reinstall via the Web UI, this should update it to the latest version:

Hello Noris,

Thanks for contacting me again about the update of my Nucleus which failed about two months ago. No, I didn’t try a Hard Reboot because was I don’t know how to it and I was afraid also of not being able to listen to music via Roon anymore.

Could you please let me know how to perform a hard reboot ? and if a reinstall through the web interface is the safier way ?

Thanks for reply


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Hey @William_VLAEMINCK,

Power down your Nucleus, and unplug the device for a few minutes, before re-plugging and powering back up.

Yes, this is safe to do!

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I switched off the Nucleus and re-plugged it after waiting a few minutes and I have now the latest version. Build 1272
Thanks a lot for your support


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