Update ROONALBUMTAG to allow importing of album ratings and other data

Now we have ROONALBUMTAG available as a method of importing tags it could be updated to support importing of user album ratings, eg


Would set the user album rating for the database entry to 4.5

This would allow a very convenient way of importing album ratings from our collections instead of having to manually hand edit every album.

This import method could be extended to other areas too and could also take ROONTRACKTAG

Wouldn’t it be better if Roon supported a dedicated ALBUMRATING tag for this purpose? Not sure if it’s a good idea to burden a tag with instructions - adds avoidable complexity, I think.

Agreed, however for all of the many requests for various tag supports over the past year or so they offered ROONALBUMTAG as the only way to get tags into the system, hence my request is focussed on it. Would happily take your suggested method were it made available.

Note you’ve got two (2) new tags: ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG, so interesting new ways to bring information into Roon on album as well as on track level exist. Of course it never hurts to have even more tags - at least not from our = user perspective. :slight_smile:

What’s to stop you defining the album rating tag as follows:


See also here:

I would be preferable if Roon simply made the user album rating a filterable object though.

I am actually doing it that way, however, I want to actually get the ratings on to Roon’s own star system so that MY star ratings are shown on album views. Currently no automated way to achieve that so it’s down to hand editing THOUSANDS of albums. Painful!

Seems a pointless exercise given you can’t filter by own ratings, only Roon’s? Perhaps I recall incorrectly, but I’d check before investing too much time on that.

Once you rate an album, it is filter by that rating, not Roon’s…

Real pity then they’ve not made it possible to link file based tagging to the album rating. I’d love to see these basic usability fundamentals addressed.

Is this the only custom tag supported?

Asking as I have a custom sort field on 500K tracks to help create a nice album view sorted by Artist that orders and weeds out large specialized portions of my collection (specific genre 45rpm etc.).

I see how this field is useful as a label for me, not not so much to help sort things. Any ideas?

Don’t think you can sort by tag, but the way roonalbumtag and roontracktag are implemented you can have multiple entries for either e.g.:


can be added to any number of files and each will pull through as a tag

Thanks! I was wondering about semi-colon delimited tags. This is a great addition to Roon; I can now map my old viewschemes from JRMC quite easily.

Will try the sort project soon. It aims to re-create browsing through CD books that are all sequenced in order of the artist and year of release so you can just scroll a huge list of album covers alphabetically sorted by artist. This is why I ended up use a custom Artist field in JRMC to pull some file out of Multi-Artist albums, and also to cull out and order comps and 45rpm last in the views.


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